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"In a world disenchanted with the rationality of globalization, this book reminds us that who we are (or whom we assume to be) helps shape our interests and the distribution of power within and between states. This is a well-written and important contribution."

Miguel A. Centeno, Princeton University, USA

"In this highly original book, Rodrigues Vieira introduces the concept of ‘identity capital’ to explain whether liberalizing or protectionist coalitions win out in trade negotiations. This book offers a very welcome addition to the growing literature that seeks to understand liberalization and protectionism in both developed and developing countries."

Erik Voeten, Georgetown University, USA

"The main contribution of the book lies in the concept of identity capital, which opens the doors for making cross-continental comparisons like the ones the author does between Brazil, India, and the US. With this, Shaping Nations and Markets subverts the traditional area studies and comparative politics divisions. A must-read."

Laurence Whitehead, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, UK

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